Thursday, 19 May 2011

AirAsia Membership Drive

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Dear All,

Are you an AirAsia member already?

Additional Features & Benefits as an AirAsia Member are all listed below:

1. Manage my booking
    One of the best member’s only privileges. You can change/upgrade your flights, update traveller details, retrieve your itinerary, supersize your baggage, pre-book meals, change seats and many other fantastic add-ons.

2. Speed up your booking process with (Available):
a)      My Friends & Family list
Easily book flights for your family & friends as you can store up to 10 guests’ information in your account. Just by completing the simple steps on, your previously saved list will appear when you are making a flight booking.
b)      1-Click Card
Breeze through the payment page with 1-Click Card, never will you have fumble and rush to key-in your credit card details. This will definitely speed up your flight bookings!

3. Check refund status

Fed-up with calling the call centre just to check on your refund status? Now you can check it online!

4. Find my bookings
With this new feature you can link your bookings to your AirAsia account easily. And if there are any booking duplicates, you can report them easily with just a click.

5. Lost baggage tracing
Don’t let your bags go missing again! Keep your eye on them with your reported number.
Thank you.


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